July 16th and 17th 2016, at the Quality Inn & Suites, located at 111 Rue Bellehumeur

Merchant Room

One of the most important aspects for any convention. We understand that attendees desires a merchant room with a good variety of products, and that is why we give the most percentage of inside space to this room.

It has been announced that our dealers’ room is now full, all the tables have been reserved!!

You can find the floor plan under the pages ”Location” or ”hotel” in the Information tab.

To register as merchant

Projection room

Anime is the base source for the creation of the festival. For sure, lately Anime has become more accessible because of Internet, but G-Anime is making a point to present a quality selection of anime, both in French and English, as much sub-titled than dubbed. With the 2 projection room, you will find some titles that will surely surprise you.

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Gaming Room

G-Anime is well known for the quality of is equipment and for the games that are available, and this will be the case once again. With a room full of RVG monitors, rare games and multi-players, you will spend most of your day here, that’s for sure! 😛


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Giant Games

Will will have a Giant Jenga and a Giant Connect Four! Here is a new way to rediscover those classical games!