July 16th and 17th 2016 at the Quality Inn & Suites, located at 111 Bellehumeur St.

All the major events are bilingual, unless otherwise indicated.

Saboteur - 2016 National Championship!

Are you a fan of Saboteur? Do you wish to win all kind of cool prizes? If yes, you can find all the details of the Championship on their Facebook page! Follow the link!

Saboteur Championship

Death Match

The Death Match is a contest where two characters enter a stage; a victor is chosen via the crowds’ noise level, and the losing character is “slaughtered” in an epic way by the winner. The victor then moves on to the next round. 16 contestants, from various anime and manga, will fight it out, leaving only 1 fan favorite remaining!

In-Character Cosplay Contest

The In Character Cosplay Contest will be an event where a group of signed up participants will compete to prove who is the most in-character cosplayer. Through a series of rounds, we will eliminate competitors until only the top three are crowned!

To find out more about this activity : Click Here

The rules of this event are inspired from ”Colossalcon”


Name That Tune
You think you can recognize and guess a lot of songs? Come test yourself at our renewed Name That Tune contest!  We have many new songs that will challenge your knowledge up to a new level.
Skeletons in the Closet
The rules are simple: three guest players each confess an embarrassing secret, a “skeleton” in their “closet”. However, we shuffle the cards to make it hard to know who did what. The audience then needs to associate each guest to his right skeleton. Of course, all participants only reveal the truth at the end!
Otaku Dating Games
More details soon  
Impossible Positions

Are the Kamasutra positions all comfortable? In pairs, try to realize the most incredible (or not) results in our Impossibles Positions contest!

More details soon  
Video Game Challenge
Come assist to a duel between the teams of Le Jeu c’est Sérieux and Testeur Alpha! The two groups will compete to finish a video game as quickly as possible. The selected game will be revealed later.  
Cosplay Beach Volleyball
For those who want to participate in a physical activity while dressed as your favorite character, this is the perfect one! Come have fun on the sand playing a friendly game of beach volleyball while showing your character’s summer and / or sport costume version!
Ultimate Werewolf
Need a break?  Then come join a group of fun people to play a game of Ultimate Werewolf! It’s a card game in which each player is a villager or a werewolf, and whose general purpose is:


  • for the villagers (some have powers): unmasking and kill all the werewolves;
  • for werewolves: eliminate all the villagers.