Special Events


The events and activities will transform a good convention into an extraordinary one!

And G-Anime is offering you a wide range of them! Please note that some events will have limited participants available and will required a special bracelet (free of charge) to be able to attend it. All details will be available on the schedule on Shed!

The Masquerade

The masquerade is the highlight of every anime convention: everyone wants to participate! It is a contest where attendees can show off their costumes on stage, either alone or in a group, and in a skit or just as a walk-on. For more information, please consult the event’s rules and policies.

Please know that the number of participants are very limited (usually around 50 entries). So please make sure to stop at the Info desk on your arrival at the convention to find out where and when you can register!

If you simply wish to attend the masquerade as a spectator, you must pick up the proper event bracelet from the information desk on Saturday morning. Don’t hesitate – it’s completely free, but space are limited!



This year, we will have a fashion show! This is made possible thanks to our fantastic designers from both Quebec and Ontario. Come see the colorful and alternative styles that these designers have to offer you!



We have two concerts during the weekend! One with the JPOP Group Hoshi Furu and the Symphonic Anime and Video Game from  theUniversity of Ottawa Pop Orchestra ! Find out more on the schedule page!


Skeletons in the Closet

The rules of the game are simple: three guests confess to a little embarrassing secret, a skeleton in their closet. We mix up these skeletons and make it a little confusing, and your job is to figure out which skeleton belongs to who! We will only find out the truth at the very end!

In the first round, each guest chooses one of four skeletons – we’ve made up an extra one and thrown it in! They will then try to dupe the audience, either by picking their own skeleton and hoping no one will believe them, or choosing another skeleton and inventing a convincing story to go along with it. At the end, teams will vote on which skeleton is the fake one!
In the second round, the three guests (who may have had to change their story if they lied previously) will interrogate each other, trying to trip the others up in their stories. Then enters the “truth zone.” The host will ask each guest a question about their skeleton, wherein they must answer honestly. The audience will then vote together on which skeleton belongs to which player. Finally, we will know the truth!

Q&A and MEETIng the guest

We know that you are super excited to meet our guests and get their signature. We can reassure you: there are no extra fees or ticket levels to access any of our guests! All badges are equal, and everything is included in the price. However, we anticipate that some of our guests will have greater demand and less time availability, and due to this, we may have to limit the number of participants by giving out bracelets on the day of. In these cases, we will make it clear that bracelet pick-up is required for these particular activities. You simply need to pass by the Info desk to pick it up!

Other activities

In addition to all of these amazing activities, we also have others – some classic, and some new – such as Troll Ball, a Nerf gun battle blockbuster, Anime Name That Tune, and the Host Club, just to name a few! For more details, check out our schedule on Sched.