Palais des congrès


The Palais des Congrès is the perfect place for Anime and Geek Conventions. To hold such an event, you need a lot of rooms with variable size to fill up all the different needs. The Palais represent a surface of 50,000 feet square which gives it an outstanding versatility for such geek event such as G-Anime. Furthermore, the Palais was renovated in 2011 and is extremely well maintained.


The registration will be held on the second floor on Friday and Saturday. The registration tables will be right between the two set of escalators, you cannot miss them!! If you are planning to come only on Sunday (shame on you…), the registration will be held on the 3rd floor.

Coat Check

We understand that winter is harsh and that carrying all your coats is a real pain (Boyfriends of Cosplayers,,, we hear you…:P ). And we also believe that having a place to drop your coats is important. This is why we make sure that we have one on site (located right next to the administration offices on the 3rd floor).

This coat check is managed by Capital Traiteur, the Palais management. Dear Boyfriends, it will only cost you 2$/days to be free of servitude for the day!

Palais Plan