Gaming Room


The coolest gaming room ever!

It’s written and we are not shy to say it, we have the most developed gaming room from our kind of convention in Quebec. And we are most certainly in the race with the festivals from Ontario! RGB monitors, Retro gaming console, arcades, table games and collection card games. Besides a few tournament with fees, everything at the convention is free!

Smash Bros Wii U tournament!

This year we have answered the call of Smash bros. fans by offering them a Smash Wii U tournament! There will be a symbolic 5$ tournament entrance fee. The tournament will be held on Saturday 9 am until the festival closing time and if needed, a whole section of the festival will be reserved just for this activity. There will be a maximum of 128 participant entries, so make sure to register as soon as possible! You will be able to do it on site, in a participating shop or online. We strongly suggest that you register for the tournament during the pre-registration period to save more money and it’s a on a first come, first served basis. The winning prices will vary according to the number of participants.

Winning Prices Values

47 players and less

Total of 160$

1st: 80$
2nd: 50$
3rd: 25$
Last: 5$

48 players and less

Total of 320$

1st: 160$
2nd: 100$
3rd: 55$
Last: 5$

56 players and less

Total of 480$

1st: 240$
2nd: 150$
3rd: 85$
Last: 5$

64 players and less

Total of 640$

1st: 320$
2nd: 200$
3rd: 115$
Last: 5$

72 players and less

Total of 800$:

1st: 360$
2nd: 240$
3rd: 120$
4th: 15$
5th: 15$
6th: 15$
7th: 15$
8th: 15$
Last: 5$

80 players and less

Total of 960$

1st: 432$
2nd: 288$
3rd: 145$
4th: 18$
5th: 18$
6th: 18$
7th: 18$
8th: 18$
Last: 5$

88 players and less

Total of 1120$

1st: 510$
2nd: 335$
3rd: 75$
4th: 22$
5th: 22$
6th: 22$
7th: 22$
8th: 22$
Last: 5$

96 players and less

Total of 1280$

1st: 576$
2nd: 384$
3rd: 190$
4th: 25$
5th: 25$
6th: 25$
7th: 25$
8th: 25$
Last: 5$

104 players and less

Total of 1440$

1st: 648$
2nd: 432$
3rd: 216$
4th: 25$
5th: 25$
6th: 25$
7th: 25$
8th: 25$
Last: 5$

112 players and less

Total of 1600$

1st: 640$
2nd: 480$
3rd: 240$
4th: 50$
5th: 50$
6th: 50$
7th: 50$
8th: 50$
Last: 5$

120 players and less

Total of 1840$

1st: 736$
2nd: 552$
3rd: 276$
4th: 55$
5th: 55$
6th: 55$
7th: 55$
8th: 55$
Last: 5$

A dream for most of people attending G-Anime! Last year, we went through a facelift of the gaming room and everyone’s reaction showed us we were right! So you can be sure you will not be disappointed this year either!

This year also we are planning numerous table games, board games, card games and even our own G-Anime Giant Jenga. We will also have many organized tournament in both video games and table games! (See a preliminary schedule below )

But of course, when we talk about Gaming Room we mostly think about video games! Be it retro or more recent games, you will have the chance to play at some incredible games on a large variety of game consoles, such as Genesis, Turbo Duo, NES, Super Nintendo and many more!

Of course, our incredible collection of 40 TV’s (includind our TGB TV screens) will be there and allow you to play all your favorite games or even discover new ones! Come and play at video games such as Panic Restaurant, Little Samson, Splatter House 1 and 3, Turbo Graphic, R-Zonk, Ninja Spirit, Pocky and Rocky, Megaman 2 and a lot more surprises to discover!

And finally, don’t miss out to play on one of our 3 classic arcades games !

This team will be on site all weekend with many volunteers allowing you to try plenty of society games, card games, collection games. etc.

A library of more then 50 games at your disposal at G-Anime 2017 Winter edition

Gaming room and activities
Friday 5h30pm to 11h00pm
Saturday 9h00pm to 11h00pm
Sunday 9h00pm to 4h00pm

Weekend Tournaments

For the complete details, please visit the Sched page here!
(Registration cost, winning prices, schedule, etc)

One of the most sold game in Quebec finally comes to G-Anime for a fun tournement

Registration; 8h30pm to 8h55pm/ Start; 9pm Saturday
Only 2$ per participants
The grand winner will leave with the NEW extension… Denis Drôlet

Saturday at 11pm

Saturday 10pm

Friday 9pm

Saturday 8pm

Saturday 7pm

Saturday from 9 to 4pm

Friday 6pm

Grand French Premiere
Friday 7pm