Here is a list of questions we frequently receive!

Q :What is G-Anime?? 
A :G-Anime is the second largest anime convention in Quebec. The convention is known for the quality of its content, which rivals that of the largest conventions of its kind in Canada. It’s a convention for the fans made by the fans. Yeah, we’re cool like that!

Q :Okay, so the festival only has screenings of different anime series?
A :Nope! In reality, screenings are but one small part of our convention. We have many fan-run panels and a number of larger special events as well, such as concerts! And you can’t forget about the great recurring content such as our manga library, cosplay, video games (both retro and modern), and general geeky culture.

Q :Do I have to wear a costume?
A :No, not at all, but we certainly invite you to do so!

Q :I imagine that you offer the majority of your content in English, like other conventions of this genre?
A :Nope! On the contrary, we are the leading convention in offering French content, including exclusive French guests. This does not mean we do not have English content! We are a bilingual festival that is simply taking a francophone approach.

Q :Are children welcome?
A :Yes, children are welcome to attend! If they are 12 or younger, their admission is free, but they must be accompanied by an adult. We do have some 18+ content which would be considered unsuitable for children, however, it is always planned during late night hours and clearly marked with an age rating in the schedule and program.

Q :Is the festival accessible for those with physical disabilities?
A :Yes. The Palais des congrès is situated in a federal government building, which ensures that this will not be a problem. The whole festival is accessible!
Q :Where can I buy tickets for G-Anime?
A :On the menu, you can access the page How to buy your tickets. All the information is there!

Q :How can I get a table in the dealers room?
A :Visit the dealer registration page! All of the information can be found on this page.

Q :Are media badges available?
A :Visit the media accreditation page! All of the information can be found on this page.

Q :Are there any discounts available on the admission price?
A :The price of a weekend badge during pre-registration is the same price as a Saturday badge regularly is. You can also take advantage of our offer to save on admission by trading in your gently used manga! You will find all the details for this offer on the How to buy your tickets page.

Q :Are you inviting person X, or group Y?
A :We’re always open to suggestions, but certain guests (particularly English-speaking ones) are very in demand – and sometimes very expensive. So it’s not that Egoraptor and PewDiePie aren’t interested in visiting us; we are just not the only ones who want to see them!

Q :Are ticket sales final?
A :Yes.